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26 August 2017

Saturday 26 August, La Trobe City Campus, 360 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Co-organisers: Katherine Seaton (La Trobe), Julie Clutterbuck (Monash)

Investigate the links between maths and crochet, origami and embroidery, with talks and hands-on craft workshops. Speakers include Julia Collins (Hyperbolic geometry and crochet), Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes (Number patterns and embroidery) and Michael Assis (Mathigami - the maths of origami). 

NOTE: This event has now ended.

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20 May 2017

Saturday 20 May 2017, UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics

Co-organiser: Diana Combe (UNSW)

Crochet a piece of hyperbolic geometry or fold an origami Platonic solid at this hands-on workshop.

NOTE: This event has now ended.

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